About Us

Cakes and Bakes came to life in November 2008, initially as a confectionery company specializing in the production of cakes, pastries and snacks. Our cakes include but are not limited to special gateaux cakes for desserts, specialty/novelty birthday cakes, diabetic/egg free/gluten free and wedding cakes.

Cakes and Bakes also provides packed lunches, caters for cocktail functions, breakfast meetings or any customer specific occasion where we aim to satisfy our clients through exceptional service and competitive prices. Our products continue to develop as we investigate and address the needs of the customer and we boast of a key strength in using fresh, authentic ingredients in our baking.

In May 2012 Cakes and Bakes was registered as a Zimbabwean Company and in June 2013, opened a Bakery in Zvishavane which produced bread, pies, buns, doughnuts and cakes among other baked goods. 2014 saw the opening of what is known as the Third Street branch in Harare.

Cakes and Bakes continues to adapt to the ever-changing economic environment and has resultantly diversified its operations over the years. From a small home catering business, Cakes and Bakes has grown into a fully fledged bakery. It has diversified in the food industry to open a restaurant in Milton Park, named FIFTEEN DC. The establishment is a perfect venue for corporate functions, meetings, family events and exceptional food experiences. The company now employs 12 permanent personnel in various specialties and has trained a number of people in cooking, baking and cake decorating. Some have moved on to become accomplished Bakers and Cake Artists.